~Cancer and PEMF Therapy~

I. Executive Summary

THE SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES of biology and physics are converging to provide novel approaches for the treatment of disease. In contrast to the destructive ionizing effects of conventional radiation therapies, electromagnetic therapy (EMT) acts to reversibly tickle the vibrational frequencies of biological molecules to modify cellular activities. By non-invasively balancing cellular vibratory circuits, EMT can directly influence the bodys systematic defense and repair mechanisms. The scientific rationale of EMT is reinforced by the high tech method that uses electromagnetic properties of biological molecules to identify new drugs (www.signalurebio.com/wi/sig/mcs.) FDA approved EMT devices to reduce pain and stimulate healing are the first developments in this newly evolving field. Recently, international clinic scouts from the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine (NFAM) have identified an increasing trend in the use of non-invasive EMT devices to treat cancer patients outside the United States. If effectiveness can be scientifically documented, EMT has the potential to provide a non-invasive and minimally toxic method to jump-start the bodys own tumor rejection process. Clinical experience has documented rapid and spontaneous remissions, showing that under the appropriate conditions the disease fighting and repair processes of the body can destroy even the most aggressive cancers. In the future, EMT devices might be able to therapeutically manage cancer by resetting the body, similar to the way electrical defibrillators reset normal heart function. NFAM has examined the biology and physics of EMT to determine if this non-invasive technology can be explained by accepted scientific principles. The purpose of this document is to demystify the field of EMT for the general reader, and to discuss the great potential of cancer EMT. A more rigorous technical review will be available from NSAM upon request. Based on the scientific rationale and preliminary clinical results presented, NFAM is seeking financial support to investigate medical records and treatment protocols necessary to generate our website clinic reports for patients and practitioners. Our goal is to identify three clinics to fund collaborative Phase II clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness of EMT for cancer.

II Conceptual Analogy of Cancer Electromagnetic Therapy

 DUE TO THE GENERAL difficulty understanding how concepts of physics relate to cancer the following analogy is provided to help conceptualize how EMT interacts with the biophysics of the body. In our cells, DNA acts just as a computers binary code that runs various programs, and the nucleus is like the hard disk. Imagine that DNA mutations in cancer cells are like software problems (i.e. virus, system conflicts, etc). An increase in software errors (i.e. mutations) increases the chaos of the system and slows down the computers overall performance. Simple software problems may only affect one program; however, complex software conflicts can severely effect the operating system and may ultimately cause the computer to freeze in the on mode (i.e. cancer). Similar to a computer with multiple software problems, cancer cells have at least 5-10 mutations in DNA sequences that regulate cell growth and can get stuck in the on mode. Programs that try to fix or debug a frozen program work like drug therapies. If the problem is simple the program (i.e. drug) can repair the error. However, if the problems are severe, even the most advanced utilities (i.e. drugs) will not be able to fix a frozen system. The only way to get the computer to work again is to reboot by turning off the power and restarting. EMT use specific frequencies to re-tune cellular signaling programs in order to restore optimal cell functions. Normal cells restart following EMT without a problem because their DNA (i.e. software) is normal. However, when cancer cells try to reboot the multiple defects in the DNA (i.e. mutations, chromosome alterations and viruses) prevent restart, thereby causing tumor cells to stop growing or to die.


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, 
but in having new eyes."
~Marcel Proust
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Quotes On Cancer Research

Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.
Linus Pauling Ph.D. (1901-1994), two times Nobel Prize winner

There are repeated public fundraising appeals to help find a cancer cure, such as the yearly US Postal Services release of a new "Fund the Cure" breast cancer stamp to help fund breast cancer research. Instead of the normal $.37 for a stamp in 2004, this one costs $.40, with the additional $.03 going to research. If all stamps were sold, it would raise an additional $35,000,000 for vital breast cancer research. Through email and other campaigns, well-meaning men and women are urged to go out and purchase some of these stamps and e-mail your friends to do the same. It takes so little to do so much in this drive. 

A lucid comment by Arthur C. Brown:

As critically important as the breast cancer effort is, the postage stamp initiative just isn't the answer... throwing money at the problem won't do a thing. I am very sensitive to this issue as my own mother died of breast cancer. What was done to her body in the name of "therapy" is something I will never forget. I won't go into details except to say here I am because of it. The problem is where the money raised will actually end up. To me, more funds taken from our pockets is simply throwing good money after bad. It usually ends up in improving the big three conventional treatments: radiation, drugs and surgery. Three extremely profitable ones, it must be pointed out. Virtually ALL of the billions poured into cancer research since president Nixon declared war on it in the 70's has been gone to developing new and improved versions of those three. That's not an answer. The money will also end up in the hands of the huge international medical corporations like Sandoz, Bayer, Pfizer and Ciba-Geigy by way of their cozy relationships with public and private research centers - those that eagerly produce patentable drugs and other kinds of treatments for them. Operational word: patentable. The money will filter down to a galaxy of state and federal bureaucracies, lawyers and private foundations that live large off the endless supply of cancer "research" funds. The cancer business is a major player in the world culture, an economic pillar. There are countless books on this disturbing issue. One of the best is "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin. My favorite example is the American Cancer Society. It has been around since 1913. OK, what does it have to show for all the millions donated? Correction, billions. Cancer rates are higher than ever. It's simply a mouthpiece for the federal bureaucracy. The answer lies in prevention and alternative treatments - what we talk about right here [note: the cancercured discussion group]. In other words, we are the answer, not them. YOU are the answer. Not huge, wealthy, government agencies, foundations, corporations, private societies and the like. They've had their day. The way out is PUBLIC PRESSURE on government and medical bureaucracies forcing them to open up to safe, proven, inexpensive, non-patentable, alternative treatments. Those that have quietly helped millions worldwide for decades. The kind they hate. They must learn them and use them. The answer lies in us working to raise the public awareness regarding all the options today - not just the big three. There are about 100 or so (yes, 100) alternative cancer treatments ignored, suppressed or unknown by the conventional system. This has to change. Bottom line? To me the cure for breast cancer - and all the others - is the INTERNET! No better tool exists for us. We are all co-contributors to the information pool and now can spread the word quickly and easily online - and off for that matter. They've had 100 years to deal with cancer and failed us. As Ted Turner said, "Lead, follow or get out of the way". They can't lead. They won't follow. It's up to us.

Arthur C. Brown, alternative cancer treatment consultant