The Negative Effects of Electro-Smog 
To read Dr. Havas's open letter re: WI-Fi's in Schools, click the link below.


May 2012. At the request of some teachers I have updated the open letter I wrote in May 2009 about Wi-Fi in the school environment. Much has happened during the past 3 years making it even more urgent that a moratorium be placed on the deployment of Wi-Fi in schools; and that schools that currently have Wi-Fi consider reducing the microwave exposure as much as possible for part or the entire day and for part or the entire school by returning to the use of wired connections (ethernet or fiber optics) for internet access.

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For those who would like more information about Wi-Fi in schools, here are some excellent websites:


With most of today's world, unless you live in a cave in the mountains, it is impossible to escape all forms of electro-smog. Even then, most people wouldn't give up their cell phone (but then again, have you ever lost, dropped a call, or didn't receive a signal while in the mountains?). Would you like to start a fire just to heat some water when a microwave would be so simple?---or how could you make popcorn without electricity--now, that would be tough. Simply put, until something else takes it's place that is less damaging to our delicate cellular system, electro-smog is here to stay and we have to take measures to protect ourselves and our children....even in places we take for granted to be safe, like wi-fi in schools.

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"First they ignore you,
then they ridicule you, 
then they fight you, 
then you win."
Mahatma Gandhi 
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Dr. Havas demonstrated electro smog and how it affects Multiple Sclerosis
Biological effects of Electro Smog