PEMF VIDEOS includes Dr. Oz
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PEMF VideosMindfully Ever After

Dr. Magda Havas: PEMF optimizes the body's natural self-healing and self-regulating functions on a cellular level. 
Bryant Meyers: PEMF Coherence and Enlightenment

Dr. Magda Havas 5G experiment MUST SEE!
Dr. Bruce Lipton, Life Altering Speech
WiFi in Schools

Dr. Havas demonstrates cells after being on the computer. 
Dangers of Exposure to WiFi
Cell Phone use affects your cells
Electro Smog affects MS
"First they ignore you,
then they ridicule you, 
then they fight you, 
then you win."
Mahatma Gandhi 
Dr. Joel Carmichael 
PEMF Overview
Call Paulette at 724-787-9366. I care about your health.
iMORE sensor explained
Bryant Meyers: PEMF, Fifth Element of Health
World Champion, Elfyn Evans 
Race Car Driver testimonial
Teach your cells how to be healthy, 8 minutes at a time.
Owner of Swiss Bionics, Wolfgang Jaksch, 
explains 3 Contraindications of iMRS