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For personal attention, Call Paulette at 724-787-9366 or email: mindfulseedlings@gmail.com

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The iMRS is the only pemf system approved in Canada as a medical device. When I was attending a training session in Toronto, a doctor who was in charge of a nursing home facility stated that since the elderly began using the iMRS, they were more active and less drugs were administered.

  • Isn't it time to explore new technology by using a pulsed electromagnetic system? NOTE: There are no magnets...The pemf system duplicates the energy of the earth by pulsing copper.   NO SIDE EFFECTS! 

  • Join the Thousands of other people like you who have said they wanted an iMRS and now are pain free. 
        No time like the present to take control of your health with NO SIDE AFFECTS. 

  • The  iGUIDE comes built into the control unit.. with a database of 250 different pre-programmed health conditions (you set the iMRS to what you want to help with and it goes to work for you).

  • Whether you need to relax, require more energy during the day and sleep better at night, pain reduction, or need to maintain wellness, these accessories will help you do it. 

  •  Call me with questions: 724-787-9366.

  •  Thank you. Please forward to anyone you feel will benefit.

Change your DNA 
Each and Every Time you use the iMRS system! 
Discover how to teach your cells how to stay well and pain-free without the drugs! 

NASA developed the square wave for the ASTRONAUTS---
it's that important!

Sifu Jocelyn Toy, Kung Fu Master and President of the Canadian PEMF Institute endorses the iMRS effectiveness! 

   Hockey player, Gary Roberts endorses the iMRS! 

Paulette Glover                                I personally endorse the iMRS for arthritis, osteoporosis, circulation, and energy.                   I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE INFRARED FEATURE!

 I am totally Pain free-- and you can be pain free too!

That is why I decided to become a Swiss Bionic Representative.

Keep your cells healthy by using Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields!

​    Swiss Bionic Solutions
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                   In Pain? Suffering from Depression? 
Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving     
        ---NO Drugs---NO Side Effects---
 Save $$$$$    

YOU can your STOP the PAIN NOW! 
CALL 724-787-9366  

STOP the pain! STOP the depression!

Join the thousands of people throughout the world who are already benefiting from using the 
iMRS Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to: 

           *Stop pain  
          *DEPRESSION and anxiety
          *Increase energy 
          *Improve Sleep
          *WOUND HEALING
          *Maintain independence 
          *Bone regeneration 
          *Muscle pain 
          *IMPROVE BALANCE, Improve your golf game   
          *Nerve regeneration 
          *Sciatica pain 
          *BRAIN TUMORS
          *Mobility and Balance


BRAINWAVE Entrainment improves 
Brain Balance Health

The finger SENSOR for Heart Rate Variability

​As a trained consultant for over 10 years, 
I am available to answer your questions! 

Automatic SHUT-OFF included with all units
ORGAN CLOCK included with all units.
NORTH/SOUTH polarity included with all units

*FAR Infrared is research proven to improve blood circulation in the skin and internal organs, and supports cardiovascular health. Far infrared light has also been associated with an overall improvement in health.


 Like to TRAVEL? Then the OMNIUM1 2.0 is for you!

Buyer Beware:  Prices and promotions are set by the Company (not the Sales Reps). ALL training is done by Reps (not the company). So, please talk to me first -- I've been a Swiss Bionics Sales Rep for over 10 years. What I don't know, I WILL be honest with you and find the best answer for your individual needs!



CALL PAULETTE at 724-787-9366 
for more information and individual attention.
My personal story:

     I first learned about Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields shortly after slipping on an icy sidewalk, landing directly on my 

tailbone. The pain at the time was livable.  A couple of weeks later, it started getting worse when electrical charges 

started shooting down my leg, I tried to shake it off as something that would pass and carry on as usual. But, when the 

pain came in full force, it was excruciating!

     I was walking down a hallway at the school where I was teaching when I lost all feeling in my leg. I knew it would 

be impossible to take another step. A teacher who was walking past got a wheelchair for me from the nurses office. 

The pain was indescribable, including childbirth. 

     After going to a gamut of doctors, it took a nerve specialist to diagnose severe nerve damage. There was no easy fix.

I had to rely on pain pills and a cane just to function.  After three sets of steroid shots directly into nerve ending of my 

spine failed to offer any relief, I was desperate to find alternative help. 

Energy healing work made it possible for me to function for a couple of days at a time, but it wasn't the long 

term relief I needed. I was determined that I wasn't going to spend my life dependent on a cane, hobbling around. I was 

independent and planned to keep it that way. The final straw came when my first grandson was born. I knew I had to 

do something. At 60, I was way too young to feel so old.   

     When I learned that the iMRS mat could change my DNA by regenerating cells, I bought the mat without ever 

trying it! I put the mat on my charge card and never looked back--- Best decision I ever made! My back has 

absolutely no pain. I love being  able to take long walks and play for hours with my two grandsons. 

Most of all, my wellness experience led me to become a National Sales Representative for Swiss Bionics.

  •                It helped me, so I know it can help remove your pain, too!

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