• Your cells are under attack by unseen forces.                Plain and simple.
  • By a touch of the finger on the touch screen, you are on your way to encourage your cellular health. 
  • Your health is a reflection of your cellular health.
  • All healing begins at the mitochondrial cellular level.
  • Wellness is NOT about the disease or illness, 
  • Wellness is about optimizing cellular function. 
  • The iMRS PRIME pulses the Sawtooth and Square wave using tightly wound copper to restore cellular function.


  • Animals do not fall victim to the so-called "placebo effect."

  •  Animals act unbiased and intuitively. 

  • Today, horses, dogs, cats, and even cows undergo treatments using Pulse Electromagnetic Fields.

  • The FAUNA is a designed horse blanket with applicator and tendon boots with integrated electrical coils for integrated application and easy handling.

  • Animals are suffering from the ever-increasing negative changes within our entire environment and are developing adaptation problems. 

  • The rise of toxic substances and the high exposure to man-made frequencies (electro-smog) are creating tremendously negative influences on the organ systems.

  • Wi-Fi, GSM, Microwaves, GPS and more, are overriding the natural and energy of the earth's magnetic field and affecting the animals.

  •  Animals become disoriented and suffer from a variety of unspecific disorders and character changes, which leads to all kinds of disease patterns.

  • The pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) is able to effectively, securely and gently correct these imbalances.

  • Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (iMRS) has been professionally used in the veterinary field for decades as a supporting modality with a wide range of health conditions

  • Additional applications are used for race and show horses as well as with livestock in the agricultural area.

Whole Body Applicator

The Skin Dream:

  • Cosmetic ultrasound made available for home use. 

  • Easy and safe to use with an appealing, ergonomic design. 

  • The handset has a modern LCD display that shows all information at a glance. 

  • A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is integrated into the handset.

  • The Skin Dream Titanium comes with a carrying case and a 24 month worldwide warranty.  

Pad Applicator
The iMRS Whole Body Applicator: 

  • 3 pairs of copper coils simultaneously deliver electromagnetic pulsations to the entire body.
  • Automatically incorporates variances in the circadian rhythms of the human body.
  • Uses the (Chinese Organ Clock), reaching every organ regardless of the time of day. 
  • Enhances circulation and oxygen delivery.
  • Improves energy, stamina, sleep, and overall wellness. 
  • Generates a saw-tooth electromagnetic waveform.

                                WOMEN PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!
 Many women have reported that their osteoporosis is improved or actually downgraded! 

The Pad Applicator is commonly used to:

  • Utilizes the square wave developed by NASA.
  • Release tension in headaches, neck, shoulders, and back
  • Reduce muscle soreness after strenuous exercise or injury
  • Supports the lungs, pancreas, kidneys, liver, digestive tract and lower abdominal organs
  • Improves oxygen levels
  • Relief of pain and discomfort in tendinitis, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis
  •  Accelerates bone repair following fracture or spinal fusion              surgery.
  • Use it for your knees, hands, feet, and painful arthritic joints  

My elderly dog especially likes that it helps her arthritis. 
Me too!
​The Spot Applicator concentrates a square wave for:

  • Hard to reach, smaller areas of  body,
  • Shoulder, the joints of hands and feet, 
  • Clears the sinuses, and even that specific spot on the back. 

    I no longer require arthritis shots in my knees!

Spot Applicator

Skin Dream Titanium

ifauna for animals

The Brain Entrainment is an integrated Sound & Light Relaxation System:

  • Bathes your brain with rest and renewal.
  • Melts away stress, 
  • Improves oxygen circulation to the brain
  • Deepens your ability to relax, 
  • Improves sleep and emotional balance without drugs or side effects.
  • Improves mental focus, clarity and productivity. 
  • Irritability gives way to a sense of well-being.

Modern electrosmog

Screen and Control unit 

This information is not intended to replace the health care advice of a physician. No statements made herein are intended to diagnose or treat human illness. If you have pain, fatigue, discomfort or any disease, please see your doctor.
Brain entrainment

Refer to Electro-Smog video page for more information.
Electrosmog blocks us from nature's natural energy.


  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) devices for home use have been on the market for nearly three decades.

  • Swiss Bionics® is the only company with it´s own in-house research, engineering, development, and manufacturing divisions. 

​Receive sun and earth energies at the same time.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and all science."
                ~Albert Einstein, PhD.

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Shower your cells with positive energy using pulsed electromagnetic fields

 The iGuide:

  • Alphabetically lists over 250 researched conditions.

  • Scan through the list of conditions that are on your computer screen. 

  • Select the application protocol needed.

  • Find the intensity and time suggested for each of the applicators.

  • These are SUGGESTED starting applications and may need adjusted to suit each individual.

  • Start with the Whole Body Applicator, then the Pillow Applicator, and finally the Spot Applicator.

  • Organ clock settings automatically adjust. 

  • Removes the guesswork of what setting to start with over 250 different health conditions.
Watch as the iMRS saves life of horse
Applicator, Pillow, Spot, Sensor and iBrain
Advanced Biofeedback
​'Listens' to your body to support balance of your body's regulatory systems.

​The Biofeedback Finger Sensor measures:

  • Rhythms and oscillations analyzing the intervals between heartbeat inter-beat  intervals. 
  • Autoimmune Nervous Analysis therapy portal of heart. 
  • Measure heart rate variability

Sensor Applicator
"First they ignore you,
then they ridicule you, 
then they fight you, 
then you win."
Mahatma Gandhi 

iBrain Sound and Relaxation system

iMRS 2000 Prime Systems
PRIME Control Unit

Connector box 20-Pin cable

Exagon Mat

High Intensity Level

1-60 Minute Timer

7 Fast Start Programs


iMRS 2000 Prime Systems
Prime Control Unit

Connector Box 20-Pin Cable

Exagon Mat

1-60 Minute Timer

7 Fast Start Programs

Exagon spot
(Helmholtz Coil configuration)


iMRS 2000 Prime Systems
Prime Control Unit

Connector Box 20-Pin Cable

Exagon Mat

High Intensity Level ---        sensitive to 400

1-60 Minute Timer

7 Fast Start Programs

Exagon Spot 
(Helmholtz Coil Configuration)

IGUIDE Software Tool

Split Function
(Allowing for simultaneous use of two applicators)


iMRS 2000 Prime Systems
Prime Control Unit

Connectorbox 20-Pin Cable

Exagon FIR Mat
(New FIR Mat Combines True PEMF and Far Infrared for the first time ever!)

Exagon Pad

High Intensity Level ---   sensitive to 400

1-60 Minute Timer

7 Fast Start Programs

Exagon Spot
(Helmholtz Coil Configuration)

Split Function
(Allowing for simultaneous use of 2 applicators)

iGuide Software


iMRS 2000 Prime Systems
For Scientists, Practitioners, and Researchers

Duplicate PEMF signals for scientific studies and research using specific, unique PEMF signals.

Built-in Frequency Generator allows user to enter in any frequency (carrier/repetition rate, etc), intensity, waveform, etc.

Up to 1000 uT                      (10 Gauss or 1 mT).
Limited in the USA to 299 uT (3 Gauss) until FDA approval

iMRS Prime Accessories